About Praya chang

Our classes cater for the young and old, the beginner and the very skilled.

Jaroslaw Maryszczak Muay Thai Instructor

'Jarek' (pronounced ya-rik) started his Martial Arts training at the age of seven in his home town, just outside Krakow in Poland. Since then he has studied many forms of Martial Arts fighting techniques including, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Boxing and Muay Thai Boxing.


In Poland I was lucky enough to train with many of the World’s top fighters, which gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to further my career and allow me to fight at amateur and professional levels both in Poland and the UK.

Instructor with passion

Being a qualified Gym, Fitness, Circuit and Muay Thai training instructor I hope to pass my knowledge and experience on to others through my new club.

Praya Chang Cambridge

The name Praya Chang comes from the white elephant named Praya Chang, who is only used by the warrior Kings in Thailand when going into battle. I believe it symbolises the elite, fighting machine, which is what I have always trained to be, and I hope anyone training with me will become.

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Benefits of training Muay thai

To learn something new

All martial arts nurture and increase discipline and concentration.

To stay fit and healthy

You'll BURN body fat. Gain excellent cardiovascular conditioning. Improve coordination and posture.

To meet really great people

It is a long established fact that spending time with positive people has positive effect on our everyday life.

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